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Confused about Down Payment Assistance Programs? We can help! We have helped many people find and apply for the perfect down payment assistance program. Most people need help with down payment and closing costs when purchasing their first home. Down Payment Assistance mixed with the right First-Time Homebuyer Program can make homeownership attainable and affordable.

Layton City – First Time Homebuyer Assistance

Many First-Time homebuyers are unaware of the down payment assistance programs that are available to them on both a city and county level in Utah. We specialize in helping first-time homebuyers apply and obtain down payment assistance.

Layton City has a program called At Home in Layton. The funds are available from a grant agreement with Layton city and HUD. There are a few things to know when applying for down payment assistance. We will go over them below.

Things To Know When Applying for Down Payment Assistance

You must have household income under the required annual limits based on family size
What documentation is required to apply?
How much grant money will I receive?
Do I have to pay the money back?
How do I apply?
What are the income requirements?

Income requirements are based on the applicant’s gross household income. It must be below the 80% Area Median Family income for the Ogden-Clearfield, UT area has determined by HUD.

1 Person Family – $56,300
2 Person Family -$64,350
3 Person Family – $72,400
4 Person Family – $80,400
5 Person Family – $86,850
6 Person Family – $93,300
7 Person Family – $99,700
8 Person Family – $106,150
Source –

Required Documentation to Apply

Pre-approval letter from a Lender – We can help you with this part
Most recent year income tax returns from all household members
2 most recent months pay stubs from all working household members
A completed Real Estate Purchase Contract (REPC) showing your offer has been accepted
How Much Grant Money Will I Receive?

You can get up to $10,000 to go towards 50% of your down payment, closing costs, or even a principal reduction of your loan amount.
Do I Have to Pay the Money Back?

As long as you live in the home for 5 years, the home will be totally forgiven. If you sell the home before the 5 year period, you will be required to pay back a portion of the grant depending on how long you lived at the home.
If you refinance before the 5 years are up, you will need to subordinate the grant as part of your refinance.
How Do I Apply?

We would be happy to help you apply. Since the documentation required for your home loan is similar to the grant, we can help you apply and help you submit the required documentation to Layton City.