Buying A 2nd Home

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In the last few years many people began working remotely and interest in second homes has skyrocketed. Here is a primer for those considering a second home.
The first step is where – do you want a vacation home by the beach or mountains, do you want to be near relatives. Do your research and use a local real estate for help with choosing the right area or neighborhood.
Second is why – do you want a vacation house, a second residence if you spend a lot of time in an area for work or family or do you want an investment property? You can actually combine these and use a second home for vacations and AirBNB it while you’re not there (of course check local rules regarding this).
Third and perhaps most importantly is how – as in how are you going to finance it 🤓. You will often need a higher down payment for a second home, as default rates tend to be higher. And with an additional mortgage, you’ll need to make sure your DTI (Debt to Income) ratio is not too high. You’ll also want to make sure a second home doesn’t stretch your budget to much, you should factor in maintenance, property taxes in addition to mortgage payments. If you are planning on renting make sure you factor in the property not being rented immediately and plan to set aside ten percent of rental income towards maintenance.
If you are ready to start looking – apply online and we can let you know how much you can pre-qualify!